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Heat & Mass Transfer: Introduction

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You are ready for this activity if

  1. You have read Mass & Heat Transfer, Chapter 2
  2. OR - You have completed a course in Reaction and Reactor Analysis


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The exercises listed under 'Pages' in the left side-panel are offered as a study aid. Although the analyses are graded, your scores will not be recorded. Feedback is provided only to help you gauge your progress.

Each analysis assumes the simplest piece of equipment; a well stirred vessel. Such equipment can be used to obtain experimental data to determine the correct constitutive equation and are also commonly used as commercial scale production equipment. The model equations are algebraic. You should complete the Introduction and Review section before starting the exercises.

The drag and drop exercises to develop the equations are graded by subtracting points if you move the wrong symbol. You can approach the mass contactor and heat exchanger exercises by trial and error in developing the correct equation or you can read Sections 3.2.1 and 4.2.1 to find the correct constitutive equation and avoid penalties.

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Outcome Overall Mass and Energy Balances Allows Number of Equilibrium Stages to be Determined, but does not allow Stage Design to be achieved Equipment Design at the Laboratory, Pilot and Commercial Scale can be achieved.
Reactor Level I: Mass Balance Level II: Not available Level III: Reaction Rate Expression
Heat Exchanger Level I: Energy Balance Level II: Thermal Equilibrium Level III:Rate of Heat Transfer
Mass Contactor Level I: Mass Balance Level II: Phase Equilibrium Level III: Rate of Mass Transfer